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London - Great Ormond Street

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Department of Paediatric Nephrology
Great Ormond Street Hospital for Children NHS Trust
Great Ormond Street

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Patients were first dialysed here in 1985

This unit has 16 haemodialysis and 25 peritoneal dialysis patients

This is a transplant centre - view transplant data.

This is a paediatric unit.

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Great Ormond Street Hospital for Children NHS Trust

Telephone number:

020 7405 9200 extension 0292

Holiday dialysis enquiries:

020 7829 8817


020 7829 8841

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Dr Detlef Bockenhauer
Dr Stephen Marks
Dr Lesley Rees
Dr Richard Trompeter
Dr Kjell Tullus
Dr William van't Hoff
Dr Paul Winyard
Professor Adrian Woolf

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Dr Stephen Marks

About the unit

The unit provides a comprehensive inpatient and outpatient service for children with kidney disease, including acute and chronic renal failure. There is an active end-stage renal failure programme which includes treatment of infants, young children and adolescents with chronic and end-stage renal failure (dialysis (PD / haemodialysis) and live-related and deceased donor renal transplantation).

The renal unitworks very closely with the urological service providing comprehensivemanagement of infants and children with complex nephro-urologicaldisorders.

The unit comprises a 16-bedded ward, Victoria Ward. The Renal Transplant Unit (Transplant Support Unit) and Haemodialysis Unitare nearby and we share patients with our urology colleagues. Day casesare also seen on the Medical Day Care and Programmed Investigations Unit (Kingfisher Ward and Island Day Care Unit).

The unithas special expertise in the investigation and management of everyaspect of Paediatric Nephrology with special expertise in congenital renal anomalies, nephrotic syndrome, haemolytic uraemic syndrome, hypertension, vasculitis, tubular, metabolic and stone disorders.

Strong working links exist with Paediatric Urology, Radiology andPathology. In addition, there are outreach links with a large number ofteaching and district general paediatric departments. Surgical care ofthe end-stage renal failure (ESRF) patients is provided by a team of four transplant surgeons. The renalward (Victoria) is managed by a senior sister; there are five clinicalnurse specialists (CNS) for ESRF patients, a CNS who is responsible forco-ordinating the living donor programme, a CNS in charge of the plasmaexchange programme, a senior and two other renaldieticians, a senior pharmacist, clinical psychologist, consultantfamily therapist, nurse counsellor, social worker, teacher and two playtherapists.

Research and special expertise

Our mission in our Nephro-Urology Research Unitis to improve the diagnosis, treatment and prognosis of children withkidney and urinary tract diseases by investigating the underlyingcauses and mechanisms of initiation and progression of these conditionswith high quality basic science and clinical research.

The Nephro-Urology Unit was formed in 1997 and moved into its extensively refurbished laboratory in 1998. The unit currently comprises a UnitHead (Adrian Woolf, Professor of Nephrology), one Senior Lecturer inNephrology (Paul Winyard), four post-doctoral research fellows, threeclinical research fellows and four graduate students. There areextensive laboratory facilities for molecular and cellular biologywithin the unitwith strong links to affiliated laboratories including the Clinical andMolecular Genetics and Molecular Medicine Units, as well as withclinical staff in the Nephrology and Urology Departments within Great Ormond Street Hospital and with the Fetal Medicine Unit at University College Hospital.

Current active projects within the unitinclude investigations into: the genetics and cell biology of normaland abnormal development of the kidney and urinary tract; thereconstruction and functional restoration of abnormal genitourinarytracts; the renalvasculature and hypertension; nephrotic syndrome and vasculitis; theclinical consequences and treatment of kidney failure in children;control of differentiation of epithelial and endothelial cell lineages;genetics and cell biology of renal tubular disease; nutrition, growth and bone turnover in children with renalfailure. In addition, we have been very successful in academic trainingof PhD, MD, MSc and both national and international visiting fellows.The unitalso organises and hosts the prestigious annual Paediatric Nephrologyand Urology week and initiated the Kidney Development workshop, whichhas now expanded into the yearly European Nephrogenesis workshop.

We receive funding from the Kidney Research UK, Kids Kidney Appeal,Action Research, the Medical Research Council, the Wellcome Trust andseveral other sources.

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