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Salford Royal NHS Foundation Trust

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Salford Royal NHS Foundation Trust
Stott Lane

Post Code:

M6 8HD

Patients were first dialysed here in 1981

This unit has 130 haemodialysis and 136 peritoneal dialysis patients

This unit has the following transplant centres:

Manchester Royal Infirmary

This centre has the following satellite units:

Bolton - Royal Bolton Hospital

Rochdale Haemodialysis Satellite Unit


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Salford Royal Hospital

Telephone number:

0161 206 5228

Holiday dialysis enquiries:

Shelley Dunn - 0161 206 0483


0161 206 4343

Email Address:

Unit website:

Trust website:


Dr A Shurrab (Clinical Director, Dr R Donne, Dr J Hegarty, Dr P Kalra, Dr D Lewis,Dr R Middleton, Dr D New, Dr D J O'Donoghue, Dr E O'Riordan,Dr S Sinha, Dr P Uthappa, Dr G Wood

Page administered by:

Zoe Grimshaw & Dr A Shurrab

About the unit

Renal services in Greater Manchester are provided via a Kidney Care Network - one of the first in England - and organised as 2 sectors, East and West. Salford Royal Hospital inpatient centre serves the West Sector of Kidney Care Network, the East sector is managed by Central Manchester & Manchester Children's Hospital NHS Trust (Manchester Royal Infirmary). We have teams supporting the community for peritoneal and home haemodialysis as well as Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) management, these are also on site.

Inpatient care - renal patients are based on 2 hospital wards G2 (26 beds), G3 (12 beds) and 3 dedicated Renal High Dependency Unit (RHDU) beds. We also have a dedicated ward used for shorterm planned admissions and daycases; Ward F2 holds 7 beds. This infrastructure provides inpatient support to the West Sector of Greater Manchester. The unit manages about 200 cases of acute renal failure yearly.

Main Haemodialysis Unit- includes 29 maintenance haemodialysis stations of which 3 are dedicated homehaemo training stations providing service to 130 patients per week.

Satellite haemodialysis facilities - There are three units altogether attached to Salford Royal, two of which are running at full patient capacity one being at Rochdale which facilitates 64 patients (Rochdale Infirmary site)and the other is located in Bolton, this facilitates 72 patients (Royal Bolton Hospital site). The third unit in Wigan opened in July 2006 with 18 stations, this facilitate's 54 patients. These satellite units allow receipt of treatment closer to patients' homes.

Outpatient Nephrology (Renal) clinics- General Nephrology, Pre-dialysis, Haemodialysis, Peritoneal dialysis and Transplant clinics are all held at Salford Royal Hospital in the dedicated Renal Outpatients Department. We now also have the new addition of the Advanced Kidney Care Clinic(AKCS). The basic principle of the AKCS clinic is to provide a provision of a true multi-disciplnary clinic for patient's nearing end-stage renal failure. The clinics are based in geographical areas.

In addition General Nephrology clinics are also held at other District General Hospitals in the West sector (Bolton,Bury, Leigh, Oldham, Rochdale, Trafford and Wigan)facilitating patient review where appropriate as close to home as possible.

Transplantation - The transplant centre for the West sector is based at Manchester Royal Infirmary. Patients are referred back to our unit for post transplantation care, we currently have 273 patient who have functioning renal transplants. These are reviewed regularly in 1-3 monthly transplant clinic.

Research and special expertise

There are excellent opportunities for clinical reasearch in Salford and many projects are undertaken without the need for additional resources. Support for research within the Trust will follow the principles of the Culyer report (September 1994).

Renal Research activities incude the following;

(l) The Epidemiology of Renal Disease

(ll) Work in Reno Vascular Disease and Allied Problems

(lll) Clinical Trials;
a) Treatment to prevent or delay the progession of
renal disease to end stage renal failure,
b) Interventional trials and quality of life,
c) Nutritional status and outcomes.

(IV) Health Services Research;
These projects are with the Departments of Nursing and
Information Technology at Salford University. The
group is evaluating innovative ways of delivery of care
and measuring outcome in patients with chronic renal

(V) Genetic Studies;
a) This research is in collaboration with collagues in
Rheumatology and Immunology department.
b) Fabry Disease and Enzyme Replacement Therapy

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