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Leicester General Hospital

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Gwendolen Road

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Patients were first dialysed here in 1974

This unit has 145 haemodialysis and 180 peritoneal dialysis patients

This is a transplant centre - view transplant data.

This centre has the following satellite units:


Corby Renal Dialysis Unit


Leicester Renal Dialysis Unit






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Leicester General Hospital

Telephone number:

+44 116 249 0490

Holiday dialysis enquiries:

+44 116 258 4134


+44 116 258 4764

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Professor John Feehally
Dr Kevin Harris (Clinical Director)
Dr Graham Warwick
Dr Sue Carr
Dr Nigel Brunskill
Dr Pete Topham
Dr James Medcalf
Dr Jonathan Barratt
Dr Reem Al-Jayyousi

Dr R Preston
Dr W Pickering

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Dr James Medcalf

About the unit

The Renal Network has six associated renal units:

Kettering General Hospital
Northampton General Hospital (Harborough Lodge Renal Unit)
Peterborough General Hospital
Lincoln General Hospital
Loughborough Renal Unit
Boston Renal Unit

Leicester General Hospital - Directorate of Renal Services and Urology

Outpatient and Inpatient Nephrology care
Combined Renal Obstetric clinic
Dedicated Low Clearance Clinic
Acute renal failure requiring renal replacement therapy
Haemodialysis: Outpatient, inpatient, and vascular access surgery
Peritoneal Dialysis: Outpatient, inpatient, and vascular access surgery
Transplantation: Donor and recipient work-up and transplantation surgery
Outpatient and inpatient care

Leicester General Hospital (LGH) is part of the University Hospitals of Leicester NHS Trust and provides a specialist renalservice for the total population Leicestershire, Lincolnshire andNorthamptonshire as well as a proportion of the population ofCambridgeshire. The total population served is approximately 2.3million. The number of patients with Established RenalFailure (ERF) is currently 1200 patients is expected to grow byapproximately 8% per year. Treatment options for patients includehaemodialysis, home haemodialysis, continuous ambulatory peritonealdialysis (CAPD), automated peritoneal dialysis (APD) and Renal Transplantation.

Nine Nephrology consultants (5wte) provide the renalservice at LGH. There is an 18-bedded inpatient Nephrology Ward thatadmits both Acute and Chronic Nephrology patients. A small 5-stationedhaemodialysis area is flexed to admit both inpatients and outpatientdialysis patients dependent upon service needs. This is attached to a9-bedded High Dependency area, which admits critically ill renal patients who require specialist care and close monitoring. The unit is in close proximity to the Trust's ITU which undertakes haemofiltration

A CAPD ward consisting of 24 beds (female and male) manages allpatients who require CAPD admission. The wards nursing team also visitspatients around the hospital who require CAPD care. The wards siderooms are all plumbed in for haemodialysis use, increasing flexibilityof the dialysis service.

A dedicated treatment area with daily booked sessions allows minor invasive procedures such as dialysis catheter insertion and renalbiopsy to be undertaken in a planned manner. Doctors in training aresupervised until assessed as competent to undertake proceduresunsupervised.

An active live donor and cadaver (including non-heart beatingdonor) transplant service is led by Professor M Nicholson. The14-bedded Transplant Ward cares for both donors and recipients. The twotransplant surgeons also undertake vascular access work. There are fourtransplant registrars, an SHO undergoing surgical training and a PRHOwho rotates with the nephrology wards.

The Live Donor Service has a dedicated Senior Nursing team whomanage the service and prepares both the donor and patient fortransplant. Laparascopic Donor nephrectomy is available. On average, 25live donor transplants are undertaken each year. This is an expandingservice. The cadaver transplant service has 4wte donor nurses and hasrecently combined rotas with the Trent Network to manage resources moreeffectively. Approximately 25 cadaver transplants are performed eachyear.

Outpatient ERF Services
A proactive Home Care Team Service of 20 wte nurses provide supportfor the large number of patients on home based treatments including renaltransplant recipients, and provide pre-dialysis counselling of therapyoptions. Regular patient information days are run by the team tosupport pre dialysis patients and enable them to make an informedchoice as to which type of dialysis treatment they would prefer whenthe need arises. These are accompanied by individual assessments ofpatients life goals often within their home environment.

A dedicated day case area accommodates programmed activitites suchas iron infusions and blood transfusions, and also provides anenvironment to assess patient. Patients either self present, or arereferred to the unit via clinics, GP's or via the Home Care Team. The unitis managed by the home care team and is staffed from 08.00 until 18.00Monday to Friday and has significantly reduced the number of emergencyadmissions saving acute beds.

Peritoneal Dialysis
Leicester General Hospital
Consultants: Dr J Medcalf, Dr K Harris
180 Peritoneal dialysis outpatients and inpatients are cared for

LGH Outpatient Haemodialysis Unit
Consultant: Dr G Warwick
Unit manager: Sr H Chamberlain

The main dialysis unit has 22 stations and two isolation rooms. The unit is staffed by qualified Renal Nurses who undergo a competency based development programme. The unitis open 7 days a week and provides three sessions each day exceptSunday which has two sessions. Home haemodialysis training is based andundertaken on the LGH site in specifically designed clinical area

Loughborough Community Hospital
Outpatient Nephrology care
Haemodialysis: Outpatient care

Loughborough Haemodialysis Unit
Consultant: Dr J Medcalf
Unit Manager: Sr S Price
The Loughborough is 1 of 5 satellite units within the East Midlands Renal Network. The unit has 12 stations and 2 isolation rooms. The nurse led unit is based within Loughborough Hospital. Dr J Medcalf is the managing consultant who undertakes an outreach clinic at the unit every week.

Research and special expertise

Laboratory research
The Leicester renal unithas a long tradition of laboratory-based kidney research. The currentresearch areas encompass a wide range kidney disease including: thepathogenesis of IgA nephropathy (Prof J Feehally, Dr J Barratt, DrAlice Smith); the pathogenesis of progressive glomerular scarring withparticular emphasis on the role of macrophage and mesangial cellinteractions, and the mode of action of reno-protective agents inlimiting glomerulosclerosis (Dr I Pawluczyk, Dr KPG Harris); the roleof albumin and lipid in mediating progressive interstitial scarring inglomerular disease (Dr N Brunskill); the pathogenesis of proteinuriawith particular emphasis on the signalling pathways that mediate thepodocyte response to injury (Dr P Topham); the mechanism of uraemicwasting particularly the role of chronic metabolic acidosis inmediating muscle catabolism (Dr Alan Bevington).

Clinical research
The 3 qualified renalresearch nurses who undertake research into on behalf of theconsultants and external companies are part of the Trusts R&Ddepartment they have an expanding reputation a full copy of therecurrent research can be found on the Trusts R&D web page. ANephrology PHD student recently been funded via the National KidneyResearch Fund. A transplant research nurse supports Professor Nicholsonto develop the transplant research
There is a proactive education programme, which is part of the Leicester University Medical School and DeMonfort University

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